Mar 2001
Hey, I just added some downloads for those of you who are on Broadband connections... Some samples of the CD-Cards that I've become known for.
You can download samples of the award winning Caribiner (39 megabytes) or the Visitop (27 megabytes), Trilogy (12 megabytes) and iQrom (33.5 megabytes) CD-Card programs and the First Union Story book application (1 Megabyte-pc only) for previews, look in the portfolio section.
These are great applications that were -not- designed for the internet, but I've had so many people ask to see them, that I had to put them up for those of you with fat pipes, have fun.
(Sorry guys, links removed... they were old anyway. If you want to see them, call me at 404 547 0147 and I'll get you a link.)
Hello Again
Why does it take so long to get new updates on this site? I get this question every once in a while... The answer is simple really. When I'm too busy, I ignore this site.
Well, sort of... actually I don't ignore it, but I do fall into the trap where I never have time to update. Since January I've been locked in a room turning out various bits of work for several Atlanta Agencies. What more could you ask for.
Apparently the word is getting around... People enjoy working with me.
The current work schedule is as follows:
Too busy to help you right now, But I'd love to talk via phone or e-mail (unless I've already told you that I'd be open to your project, in which case... I'm probably on the phone with you now) I'll be busy on my current project for the next week or more, and I have three or four following that that are in various stages of preparation.
But of course, If you have an emergency... don't hesitate to call. I can always get you some help in this market. (don't know what I mean by that? Click here careful... profanity alert)