How do I install wallpaper on my computer?
First things first. You need to know what resolution your computer display is set at. You can find this out on Windows by right clicking your desktop and selecting "properties" The resolution is the number that you see that is formatted like this: "1024x768" or "800x600" Make sure that you only install the size that matches your resolution. (They will all work, but the right one looks the best)

1. From any wallpaper page, click on the thumbnail of the resolution size you wish to download.
2. When you see the full size image is completely loaded, Right-click on the image. Select "Set as Wallpaper". Your wallpaper is now in place! If "Set as Wallpaper" is not available, choose to save the image and follow steps 3 through 6.
3. Minimize all programs so you can see your Windows desktop (if you can see the "My Computer" icon, then you're at your desktop!)
4. Right click anywhere on the desktop. This will open a list of options. Select the "Properties" option. The "Display Properties" box will open. The Screensaver tab should be at the front of the window.
5. Select the image you just downloaded from the list of images available as wallpaper. You may need to scroll down in this box to find the image. Clicking on the image should show a small preview picture of the wallpaper in the simulated computer screen.
6. Click OK. Your wallpaper is now in place!

1. Click on the link to the image of your choice.
2. Now save the image to your desktop from the prompt.
3. Click on "System Preferences" from the doc.
4. Click on the "Desktop" button.
5. Drag the image file into the "well".
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