Happy belated holidays... or, very early I guess.
What a busy holiday season. I was worried that I might not make it out the door in time. I had to postpone my vacation for a couple days due to a very busy pre-holiday workweek... As usual, I ground myself into the... well... The ground. The last five vacations that I've taken, I've managed to be sick in some way, a cold here, a debilitating virus there and presto... three days out of seven are spent in the hotel room.
I did enjoy working with the various clients that I worked with before the holiday season and should have some more current samples up later this quarter (I was going to say, this week... or month, but I know how things go. I'll be too busy to do it when I'd like)
Currently I only have a couple small projects "signed in blood" but there are several on the plate that are looming large, so if you need me for anything you should let me know now.
On the personal front, I'm overjoyed that the weather here in Atlanta is a bit colder than "usual" it kind of reminds me of home.