New Desktop Wallpapers added.

In an effort to give the hundreds of daily visitors to this site a chance to become thousands or tens of thousands, I'm going to be updating this site more regularly. I'll also be trying to devote more time towards placing more emphasis on the desktop section, since that gets a majority of the traffic to the site.

To try and make updating less of a chore, for now, I'm putting the site together in a pretty quick and dirty editor (RapidWeaver) which will do just about everything I need for the time being. I do promise to devote some time to a decent facelift as soon as I can.

So, I'll keep this post brief and let you get to what you probably came here for (the desktops) Please notice that I've added advertising and associated Amazon links, etc. I genuinely apologize for the need to do this, but since I'm not using this site to generate freelance leads right now, I'll need to have the traffic pay for itself if at all possible. So if you like my desktop wallpaper, bookmark this page and use my Amazon link instead of typing "Amazon" into your browser. Your price will stay the same, but I'll get a small cut of the sale, and every penny will help. Thank you, truly.